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Posted in Flames of War - Finland on July 5, 2016 by Orc With The Top Hat

Yup, after a good 5 year gap of proper content on this blog, I’ve re-kindled my interest in FOW and almost embarrassed to say (with plenty of egg on my face) that I’m starting a bloomin Finnish Force again (after selling my old force) Doh!

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Hint of a return for Amoreflamesofwar?..

Posted in Flames of War - General Wargaming on September 4, 2013 by Orc With The Top Hat

I’ve now sold my original Finland army (as seen here on this blog) But no regrets as this allowed me to buy some models for another system that I play (Kings of War – See Wargamerama blog).

Whilst I’ve been playing other games I haven’t abandoned FOW altogether as I was given the Open Fire Box and all the lovely plastic goodness inside. Therefore, should return to the FOW mayhem. See you soon(ish).

Infantry Aces – first impressions

Posted in Flames of War 500 - 600 point games on July 22, 2011 by Orc With The Top Hat

On Thursday I joined in my first game of Infantry Aces at the club. Nice twist on the standard Flames of War game. I can really see the appeal and will certainly have to get myself a copy of the book soon. There were 6 of us playing on the night and we chose our starting 500 point forces accordingly.

Using my Finnish forces, but playing them as Germans I selected 500 points worth of Reichsgrenadierkompanie (and as it turned out so did my fellow axis players :0). We all seemed to choose similar forces of: 1 HQ, mortar sections, Heavy Machine gun sections and Grenadier squads.

It proved a bloody game, but unfortunately it was too one sided for the attacking allies. The axis force simply lined up on the other side of the river (running across the battlefield) and shot the allies to pieces using the combined firepower of heavy machine guns and mortars.

It was immediately obvious that everyone saw the flaw and one that I’m sure they’ll change for future games. Due to the problem of each picking individual 500 point force from the same army list, we  (the axis players) had at a whopping battery of 6 machine guns sections, 6 mortar sections etc….a really unbalanced force!

Therefore in future muti-player games (the club seems to do this most often) they’ll pick one army list and split the roles of the army between players. Therefore, sticking to the limitations set out in the list (such as only two machine guns sections etc).

The second factor, was just as important, and this was the lack of building cover available on the board. It was just a turkey shoot! Someone said that there didn’t seem to be a Cassino scenery generation table in the book. I won’t know until I get myself a copy. I would have thought there would be a generation table somewhere to make the table look like another version of Stalingrad or similar.

Anyway, good fun but so unbalanced. The allies didn’t stand a chance. There’s always next time though….

Maybe not a couple of days then…….

Posted in Flames of War - Finland on July 12, 2011 by Orc With The Top Hat

Was a bit optimistic when I said a couple of days time!

Within the next week or two I’ll start on a few more FOW Finnish units. Phew, that gives me a little more time to prepare something :0)

Finland update

Posted in Flames of War - Finland on July 9, 2011 by Orc With The Top Hat

Haven’t posted on this blog since May, yet again I haven’t played a Flames of War battle since then. However, I do have quite a few units yet to paint. I’ll assemble the troops in the meantime and get back to this blog as soon as I can. Update in a couple of days time…

Finland Maxim Machine Gun Teams – Day 3

Posted in Flames of War - Finland on May 24, 2011 by Orc With The Top Hat

Basecoated the guns and teams using the standard Finnish colour scheme. Whilst references showed the actual maxim guns to be black, I wanted mine to look metallic. Therefore I drybrushed a little chainmail as a final coat.

Once leaving to dry for at least four hours I added the static grass then applied the Army Painter Quickshade to finish off.  Lovely!

Finland Maxim Machine Gun Teams – Day 2

Posted in Flames of War - Finland on May 17, 2011 by Orc With The Top Hat

Once the black undercoat was dry I dry-brushed various shades of brown paint.  I’d run out of my usual Citadel Graveyard Earth, so used a different brand this time – Humbrol Acrylic number 29 – Earth, highlighted with Snakebite Leather and white.